Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It Creates itself.

"Let's call it “pure painting” in so far as she is not limited by subject matter or any pre-conceived expectations for the outcome of the work—

just experimentation from the beginning to the end and a high level of creativity that includes making her own painting surfaces in them.

I can imagine that, in some cases, the paintings fail, as must be the case with this high risk way of working. I can also imagine that if she gives too much more, she will have nothing left. As she mentioned though, the personal rewards are high when the work does succeed.

That magical moment when the mess begins to come together, when those formerly dead colors start to ignite and the painting comes alive, is the most exciting moment for an artist. It is perhaps the very reason to be an artist. I presume that this is why she paints and, from what I can see, she paints a lot."

---New York Arts Magazine

The Term 'Pure Painting' best incapsulates my work and best describes it. I am grateful the NYAM has coined the term nicely.