Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Bodies in Urban Spaces" Fuse Box Dance Festival.

Last weekend I performed in "Bodies in Urban Spaces." This piece by Austrian Choreographer Willi Dorner, was part of Austin's FuseBox Dance Festival. A week of intense training/Rehearsals on top of epic jet lag (straight from the plane to rehearsals)...left me utterly fulfilled and totally exhausted. 

This was the most beautiful, physically and mentally challenging piece of art that I have ever experienced. Some days I fought through, struggling with my weaknesses and arguing with my mind and insecurities. I am so beyond grateful to have worked with such amazing people and performers. 

The places we had to go in our minds, to overcome fear, physical pain and limitations pushed our edges and bought me to my knees emotionally. When you mix sleep deprivation with physical exhaustion interesting things happen. All my weaknesses were laid out in front of me...and this time I chose not to look away. There are changes to be made. A major overhaul actually. 

I have a commitment to go deeper.get stronger.stop holding back.stop rushing in. 

I'm in a quiet place now. Words are of little use. I am recreating. Questioning. Reevaluating. Righting my wrongs. Painting a new vision. Willing to Change Everything. 

Looking it straight in the eye.
Takes a new kind of Bravery. 

A new level of honesty.
One that makes it almost too much...just to breathe.
This Time...This time I am taking it head on.
Holding myself to a higher standard. A new World must be born.

To hold this new heart. This new love.

To become someone that can be loved
that deserves to be loved. Someone Strong.
That I can be proud of...

Bangkok Acrobatic Yoga Workshop

My Workshop in Bangkok two weeks ago was a beautiful, heart-opening experience. I promise more photos are coming...via a cd from france :). I am looking forward to spending more time teaching in Chang Mi and the islands this year. 

Charles and I were spinning fire on the beach under the full moon and coconut trees...and it turned into a mini lesson with so many wanting to learn and spin. I am speaking with resorts, studios and hotels for upcoming acro and fire spinning classes. Please let me know of anyone in Thailand that would be interested. 

I'll be spending the summer overseas performing, practicing and teaching in Italy and France. I'll be meeting 5-10 of my closest friends in Italy to practice sacred dance and visual arts. My dear friend Jade and I will be touring Europe, street performing and leading acro workshops. I look forward to co-creating art and new ideas with the miracle pixie living in Damanhur, Italy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The rain washed the midnight sky

The air is cleansed. The new day beginning. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thailand. One week Later.

A week ago I was sleeping in Tokyo. Public Acrobatic Dance Performances, My Gallery's weekend Art Show and my Art Show in Houston this week have all kept me pretty busy...but my heart is still in Thailand.

I'm not sleeping well. I'm not really functioning well...but there is a stillness.Cultivating.Something new is created from the chaos.and the lack of any form.something unrecognizable but strangly reassuring.floating but grounded.I am in new territory.a place with few explanations.alone but connected.walking through.past that edge of safety.

Join me Wed. 4/29. lululemon. WholeFoods.

I'll be leading/instructing the Acrobatic Yoga class for lululemon on top of Wholefoods this Wed. 4/29 from 6.30-7.45. I'll be bringing 15-25 of my closest Acro friends. We are expecting 40-65 people. Please join us for the fun. No experience is necessary.

I'll have several surprise well known yogis and acrobats visiting as well. Children are welcome. Let's have a juice and dinner beforehand/afterwards. It'll be a blast. I'll also have all the flyers are my upcoming workshops in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio...including 4 lululemon stores in Texas in the month of May.

My tour schedule of Italy and France will be on our Acro website shortly as well. Several international yogis and Austin teachers will be assisting me. A few yogayoga instructers as well as yogi/acrobat from Dallas will hopefully be joining me for 3 workshops before june.

All crossfit Central and Crossfit Austin members get 50% off all upcoming spring/summer workshops. More details coming. I am really excited about the beautiful unfolding of this union.

you don't have to be petite, a gymnast, have a boy's physique (if you're a woman) or have previous training. It's about connecting with ourselves, each other and our community.


Join me this weekend. FuseBox Dance Festival.


After returning from Asia I jumped right in to rehearsals for the upcoming "Bodies in Urban Spaces" with Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner for the FuseBox Dance Festival this weekend in Austin. There are 2 performances on Saturday: 1pm and 6pm and 1pm on Sunday. We will begin in Republic Square Park. Please email me with any questions.

We've been featured in the Austin American Statesman (paper and website) and the Chronicle.

Art Show Tonight. Houston.

Please join me tonight in Houston for my Spring Showcase at the Laura U Gallery from 6.30-8.30pm. The Gallery is located at 1840 Westheimer/Hazard. I look forward to seeing you all. Maranda


“When you are deluded and full of doubt, even a thousand books of scripture are not enough. When you have realized understanding, even one word is too much. ” ~Fen-Yang

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Art Reception at the Royalton Houston. 3333 Allen Parkway.

It was a beautiful evening of reuniting with my art collectors, old friends and art lovers. Thanks to Laur at the Royalton for arranging the reception with wine/champagne along with fruit and cheese plates.The Royalton is one of 13 lobbies where my work can be viewed/purchased in the Houston area. I am off to Bangkok in a few hours...I'll have time to sit on the Beach in Thailand and sketch my new series for Summer.