Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bangkok Acrobatic Yoga Workshop

My Workshop in Bangkok two weeks ago was a beautiful, heart-opening experience. I promise more photos are coming...via a cd from france :). I am looking forward to spending more time teaching in Chang Mi and the islands this year. 

Charles and I were spinning fire on the beach under the full moon and coconut trees...and it turned into a mini lesson with so many wanting to learn and spin. I am speaking with resorts, studios and hotels for upcoming acro and fire spinning classes. Please let me know of anyone in Thailand that would be interested. 

I'll be spending the summer overseas performing, practicing and teaching in Italy and France. I'll be meeting 5-10 of my closest friends in Italy to practice sacred dance and visual arts. My dear friend Jade and I will be touring Europe, street performing and leading acro workshops. I look forward to co-creating art and new ideas with the miracle pixie living in Damanhur, Italy.

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