Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remembering the Beyond

Our Changing Identity

Who you think you are is changing. Currently, you have an identity, a series of words you call your name, as well as a string of experiences you identify with. So when someone asks you who you are, you introduce yourself - most often using the name your parents thought up - and then you tell your story, based on the things that have happened to you while you've been here on Earth.

Now, however, all that is expanding as the Great Shift of the ages approaches. A memory, faint at first, of who you are beyond this Earthly existence is beginning to reveal itself. Up to this point you have identified with your body, but now you are starting to see that you are more than that. You are realizing that you are the Being inside your body who thinks and feels and senses intuitively. You are the invisible Essence encased within your skin who has inhabited countless bodies, traversed countless worlds, taken on countless identities. You have wandered deserts and dimensions, lost yourself in forests and faraway places, created situations and scenarios that appeared hopeless beyond all understanding.

And yet, here you are, lost again in time and space, but beginning to find yourself; asleep again in a violent, uncaring realm, but beginning to awaken to who you truly are: a Spirit aglow with love and light, expanding, becoming more, breaking free from your physical containment and stepping forth, fully conscious, in the midst of an unconscious world. It is all part of an organic, natural process that is unfolding, and with each passing day, each of us is letting go of old, encumbered, enslaved parts of ourself and remembering who we are in eternity.

An eternal new you is emerging and expanding now, and it is this expansiveness that you have long been waiting for.

Tony Burroughs, Payson, AZ, 12/05/08

The world you live in is splitting apart.
The old selfish ways are collapsing
and at the same time
the new spiritual ways are emerging,
heralding a better life for all.
From The Code: Ten Intentions for a Better World

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