Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm in! Fusebox Dance Festival

I am happy to announce that I have been chosen to perform in "Bodies in Urban Space" during the Fusebox Dance Festival in Austin. After my audition Sunday at Ballet Austin, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this project. It fuses Acrobatics, street performance, dance, contact improv, parkour and photography all in one. All of my favorite things.

I am currently training 5 days a week to achieve a  2-3 minute handstand. By the middle of March I will be walking on my hands...A lifelong dream. None of these are required, but building my strength and balance will enhance the support I can offer to the performance.

Vienna-based choreographer Willi Dorner makes his Festival debut with bodies in urban spaces, a free, traveling outdoor dance event that will use newsstands, fire escapes, and downtown office buildings to create a trail of live human sculpture. Beginning at downtown, audiences will follow this cast of 13-18 dancers on an exploration of familiar spots in city center. Austin's business district will create the scenery as the dancers give audiences a colorful, imaginative new perspective on the urban landscape. 

01.06.2007           Baden (Austria); ‚Viertelfestival NÖ –
Industrieviertel 2007' (1 perf.)

04.07.2007              Paris, ‚Festival Paris Quartier d'été' (3

28.07.2007           Chamarande (France), Festival ‚Urban
Connections' (2 perf.)

29.09.2007           Opera Lille, France, "Happy Day" by Christian
Rizzo (3perf.)

11.-13.10.2007       Vienna (3 perf.)

25.07.2008               Regionale, Steiermark, Austria (2 perf.)

08., 9.10.2008,      Helsinki,URB 08, urban festival (2 perf.)

26., 27.08.2008       Stockholm, Dansens Hus (5 perf.)

05., 06.09.2008       Philadelphia, Philadelphia Live Arts Festival (2

20.09.2008               Rouen, Les Dessous du Patrimoine (2 perf.)

23.-25.10.2008      Bern, Schweiz, Festival Tanz in.Bern (4 perf.)

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Paton said...

Very impressive piece. I admire the amount of trust and teamwork required to pull something like this off. Well done.