Monday, January 26, 2009

Brave new Worlds

Photo copyright 2009. Pleasant photography

I have returned to Austin

I was questioning how much of  art is a reflection of the artist.

When I shift
the painting shifts with me.

I have decided to expand my edges
   braving new personal terrains.

I have committed to self expansion. Testing my own boundries. 

I had waited long enough. 

This place of waiting: You can spend an entire lifetime there...
with a buddy named "excuses" disguised as "reasons" why we
put our true desires on hold. 
3 weeks ago... I started:

 *Weekly Aerial Dance Classes (on silks)

*Weekly African Dance Classes

*Weekly Contact Improv Classes and Jams

*along with renewing my 4-5x a week ashtanga+anusara yoga practice

It has been the most humbling experience. 

I've laughed, I've cried. I've had my pride handed to me with a smile.

I see my weaknesses..they are many and they are not pretty. 

I see how much strength I need to develop. 

I see that I am just beginning. 

..and if..even if... I make an inch of progress each week...I knowing I am growing. 

This expansion is emerging in my new art...

I hope I can trust the process as much as I am learning to trust myself. 

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