Monday, January 26, 2009

Just the Beginning...

Photo Copyright 2009. Charles Maridor. Paris.

I came back from Paris 3 weeks ago soaked with inspiration. truly open. truly ignited.

I am pulling my energy from a deeper place...
My creativity from  a different source...
My actions from a new motivation...

Many new ideas, paintings and workshops have blossomed.

I have formed a 
new collective for Performing Arts in Public Spaces.

More photos and information will be coming soon...along with a new website. 

(Modern/Tribal Dance, Improv, Contact Improv, 
Acrobatic Yoga, Aerial Dance, etc...)
We'll bring art and performance to the public with an interactive twist. 

We'll bring art to the masses and 

interject creativity and possibility into peoples' daily lives.

Please email me if you wish to "perform", be involved 
or would like to show up and witness the magic/madness.


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