Monday, December 7, 2009

Artistic Logistics

We would like the show to run until December 20th.
Artists may pick up their art at anytime though.

Payment may be picked up anytime after Decemeber 12th.
Artists will need to sign out that payment has been received.
No checks will be mailed.

Please check our website and this blog for detailed times and instructions.

Gallery Times this week:
1-3pm M-F
Wednesday 11-3.15pm
Saturday 12-3
Sunday 2-5pm

We will add more times tomorrow.

You are invited to Become a Fan of Maranda Pleasant Gallery on Facebook and upload any/all photos taken at the show...including your artwork. Please post your name and medium with the photo. My vision is to build a tighter community where we can share, witness, collaborate and connect with other artists mixing all mediums.

Thank you for attending. We had more than 800+ in attendance. Also, Please feel free to post any comments on our gallery's page. What an amazing night. Thank You all. Maranda

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