Sunday, November 29, 2009

Notes to 12x12 Artists

A few quick things for the artists involved:

Please email me if you have not, so I can email you the invite to forward.

Please read all the instructions and website thoroughly before calling or emailing. We are so knee deep in art love prep right now...and with 225 artists now participating...our response time might be slow.

We need 5 people to volunteer the night of show to assist buyers or serve wine (how fun!)

We also need a few photogs to volunteer the night of the show. Video would be great as well!

On Saturday...the night of the show...from 4-6pm will be reserved exclusively for interested buyers and collectors. Artists are encouraged to arrive at 6pm. The show from 6pm-10.30pm...but buyers may purchase and take the art beginning at 6.10pm. So get here early if you want to see/photograph your piece.

How it works: Buyers take the piece off the wall, pay at check out and then have the option to place it back on the wall with a red dot until they are ready to leave. It is a really kinetic active show and it's always a blast.

Drop off is this week 12-3pm and 6-8 pm every day until Thursday at 8pm.

We have 700 peeps RSVP'd and have many sponsors. Thanks for being a part of my community and collective creativity. Welcome to the largest attended art show in Austin all year...come prepared to dance, drink and discuss your work.

In Gratitude, Maranda

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