Thursday, November 12, 2009

200 Artists. Instructions.

To the amazing 200 artists: painters, photographers, Figurative peeps, mosaic, glass, metal, mixed media, graphic designers, mixed media gurus, conceptual word yogis participating...

Please email me:

I can email you all the swank email invite you can forward to friends, family and collectors.
In that email, if possible...include your medium and the approximate number of pieces you plan on having in the show.

This year we have around 155+ Austinites...30+ from Houston, several from Paris (yay for Anthony, Florent and Philippe)...and amazing photogs from D.C.,Dallas, and New York. Artists from Mexico, Italy, Canada are also posting their pieces in.

I feel really grateful to be surrounded by so much talent, creativity and mindful collaboration. Please read the instructions for artists on our web page before dropping off.


Totony said...
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Totony said...

Pleasure is ours, miss. You're so inspiring!