Monday, November 9, 2009

Your Questions about the 12x12 show.

To address a few questions:

*yes of course it's free to attend!

*Only 600+ peeps: 200 artists, 400 pieces, $100 each along with...designers, collectors and philanthropists all thrown together loving and buying art! The more the better. We'll have great food, wine and music (outside).

*Everyone receives a strip of dots when they enter. It is a fun, active highly kinetic show. Buyers take their piece off the wall to the checkout...then place it back with a red sold dot next to it. It gets active as people try to by their favorite pieces as quickly s possible.

*Buyers can take the piece when it is artists* get there at 6pm if you want to make sure you see your piece before it sells.

*I highly recommend painting the sides of your piece. Put a little love and time into the quality of what you are presenting.

**Dark Brown is always what I recommend for the sides (if it works with your color scheme).
If you're doing a black/white...I recommend Dark Gray. I don't really recommend black sides, but if it works for your piece...great.

**If your panel needs a little something extra...try adding a gloss finish.

**If you have more than 3 pieces together, I cannot guarantee individual hanging situations. Call me if you're a special case :).

1 comment:

Amy said...

oops i didn't read this and painted my sides to match my paintings!