Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Acrobatic Yoga+Partner Acrobatics/Balance Workshop.May 22nd.This Saturday 12-3pm.

This Saturday in Austin, Texas I'll be instructing an Acrobatic Yoga Workshop perfect for Couples. Parent/Teens.Athletes. Yogis.

No Experience is necessary. It's a blast. We'll laugh, find our edges and stretch beyond any self-defining limitations and old stories that we hold for ourselves...and move beyond. Growing, laughing, and amazing ourselves with our new skills.

We will fly, flip, spin and connect with ourselves and to each other.For all levels, ages, abilities, colors, doshas, zodiac signs, etc. It is a combination of partner yoga, circus acrobatics, massage and communication/connection chakra opening moves.

We'll jump right in. We'll build strength, balance, flexibility, communication and connection with our partners. This particular workshop will be wonderful for couples and athletes as well as yogis, dancers and Parents/teens. No partner is required. We'll start with the basics and work step by step building positions and inversions. We'll have a camera capturing our beautiful, "did I really do that" inversions and poses. Bring your fear and reservations and we'll show you possibility.

We are gearing up for another European Summer tour teaching and performing through France, Italy and Greece. We've taught for lululemon and at numerous workshops and festivals in Houston, Austin and through out the U.S. and well as Bangkok and Europe. It is $40 for 3 hours of instruction and new skill acquisition. :)
Pass this along to any friends who live in the area.

May 22nd. 12-3pm. $40
Galaxy Studios.1700 S. Lamar.
In the YogaYoga South Complex.
713.922.8584 with questions
Find us on Facebook: acrobatic yoga/circus yogis

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