Saturday, May 15, 2010

Arts Abroad Program for girls 10-17.

Our Paris Program offers a comprehensive and exciting cultural adventure for young women. We'll explore art galleries, tour the top Parisian cultural magazines, create art projects with one of the most prestigious modern art museums, visit with innovative photographers, filmmakers, painters and performers, shoot cutting-edge photography surrounded by historic architecture, see leading fashion houses and design schools, picnic along the Seine and under the Eiffel Tower and train with a professional cirque program....for starters. The girls will also have the chance to build their college resume and portfolio and nurture their personal projects and ideas during our 2-week stay. We help create independent and innovative thinkers. It's a rare opportunity to collaborate and connect with world-class writers, artists and innovators in Paris...and it's really fun!

This is a beautiful time of self discovery and great transition in the girls' lives. These young women are defining the quality of women they will be and they are choosing who they will become. We are here to nurture, enrich and push their edges, encouraging growth and empowerment. This is an essential time for cultivating inner strength and beauty that will present itself in their lifelong endeavors.

Program includes all meals, accommodation, transportation in Paris, airport transfers, museum tickets and passes, theater performance tickets, tuition to Circus/Aerial school, vintage design project, airport transfers, program fees (Personalized radio, magazine, photography,design and gallery tours.)
Total cost is $3000.

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