Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Art Box Mania

Art Box Mania is taking over :)

We have sold more than 525 Art Panels (12x12) so far.

UT, St. Ed's, ACC, Toy Joy, Atomic Tattoo, Pump Project, Figurative Gallery have gotten behind us along with 150+ artists from Austin and across the country.

I've become a box pusher. I've sold boxes from the back of my car. People approach me at cafes and ask for boxes. They show up at my gallery at 10pm. It's amazing and deeply fulfilling.

We are coming together in a swank exhibition to connect with each other, witness the beauty we have created and SELL our art.

We are redefining the idea of gifts and giving and consumerism.

This show gives art buyers the chance to own original art for $100 and support/meet local talented artists.

It is time.
NOVEMBER 29th.6-10pm.2235 E.6th Street.

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