Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love what Doesn't

The Next 6 weeks are big ones.

November. Vegas.Dallas.Houston.

November 23rd. Launch my New Gallery Retail Space.
Exhibitions.Lecture Series. Classes. Movement and Art Collide.

November 28-29 12x12 Art Box Show. 2235 E.6th.

December 12-23rd. Austin Art Bizarre. Palmer Center.

Paris. France December 28-1.08.09. Setting up art exhibition with Pierre Buotte.


Circus Yogis and Tribal Moon perform at the Palmer Center December 13 & 14th. Circus Yogis have 3 new troupe members.

I am booking all family acts and interactive performances at the Palmer Center for the Twelve Day art Bizarre. Call if interested.


I teach acrobatic yoga privates for couples and children. My students will be performing at the palmer center this holiday season. Contact me if you are interested.

Currently teaching children's acrobatic yoga program. My 16 kids will perform with each other and their parents at the Bizarre this year. Still taking new students.

My fire spinning troupe has it's first two performances.


I've been inspired and motivated. I am excited to start the following classes and privates this week. All friends are welcome to join. Ill be filming and photographing all the beautiful madness. Expect videos soon. YAY!

Trapeze Training

Aerial Silks classes

Handstand private sessions with Douglas.

Parkour Private sessions with Matthew Willlis.

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