Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Funniest Art Box Story this week.

Monday I had an artist call wanting to pick up 8 Panels. I had just left the studio.

I let her know I was on my way to Whole Foods. She said she would meet me there.

As I was approaching the intersection on 5th, I was involved in a 3 car collision.

Art Box panels flew forward giving me a concussion. I'm keeping the two panels that hit me in the head. I'll be displaying them proudly at the Show.

As we are waiting for the police she and her family met me in the parking lot to pick up the 12x12s. It was awesome. I was so excited to share the recent developments of the show with her. There were banged up cars, people exchanging information and there I was. Selling the boxes.

This is the last week to purchase Panels. Check our website for drop off details.

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