Monday, June 8, 2009

MP Gallery. Art Show/Benefitting Amala Foundation Scholarship Fund

It was an evening full of Art, Circus Arts, Live Painting, Spin Art, Music, Visual Projection, Beauty and Laughter. More than 500 people joined us and more than 25 pieces of art were sold during the 6 hour event benefiting the Amala foundation Summer program for Refugee Children ( It took dozens of us to bring it all together, sleepless nights, 4 hammers, yerba mata, general exhaustion, maranda the delegator turned dictator, midnight meetings, amazing circus friends and Dj, visual artists...and tons of beautiful children. 
It warmed my heart to see so many children at the gallery. So few of us had the opportunity to have exposure as children to galleries, museums and art houses. I love the integration of art into our everyday lives...eliminating the elitism and inaccessibility most experience entering adulthood. 

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