Friday, June 12, 2009

A New Form

"Life is my Guru. My students are my Guru. My wife is my Guru. Happiness, joy, pain, hardship, death, sex, nature, music, and everything else that inspires me to feel… these things are my Guru. I am simply a sum of the ripples that I have created. The only Guru I refuse is that of fear. I refuse to be lessened by fear. I always have. I will face both joy and tragedy with the same open mind and learn to hold them both dear. Tragedy has the potential to allow us great leaps forward in our consciousness, however, fear can rob us of any of this invaluable information. "---Matt Borer.

I will spend today in the studio finishing up art for 2 projects before my travels. I'll probably still be crying as paint. It's interesting to see the energy in the art a secret shared when viewed in public...between me and my creation. The love and laborous process of birthing, so much of oneself in the very present moment...that kind of truth between an "object" and artist...the exchange of honesty, energy, what cannot truly be said, explained or understood my myself or those looking in.

All I have is an offering. I offer myself to this form, this shape, these creates itself as some unspoken language that begs to be heard...discovered. It wants to be bring something intangible...but this this world. This is how I am creation shifts my own creates me in mutual exchange...we shape each other.

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