Friday, May 1, 2009

April 23rd Art Exhibition. Laura U Gallery. Houston.

It was lovely to spend the evening in Houston again with old friends, previous collectors and new artists. I visited with a few collectors that I haven't seen in years. We talked about how my work has shifted, changed and grown. I suppose what we create always moves and changes as we grow and dive deeper into some unspoken Ocean of ourselves. 
Some of my favorite people who hold a space of light and warmth and support. Thank You.

I had to bring the magick I experienced in Thailand with the form of my linen shirt and scarf. Transitioning has never been the easiest thing for me...but this time I am learning how to bring that beauty back into every aspect of my life...and hold it gently with open hands.
A few of my pieces shown in April. My newest project is a building in Dallas and  hospital in Austin., Tx. With Gratitude, Maranda

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