Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend. Yoga.Art.Dance.nature.Full Moon Love

    Beating Drums to the Big Sky covered with expansiveness and gratitude

This weekend was a magickal gift...probably the best Mother's day weekend I have ever had. I'll write more soon on the love, insights and deep exploration...

I completed the Anusara Weekend Workshop with Christina Sell. 6 hours a day of beautiful reflections, deepened practice and lessons on getting supported, rooted and grounded in my practice and my life.

Saturday after a full day of yoga, I drove to Jacob's well in Wimberely. I celebrated the beautiful buddha full Moon with 30-40 of my closest friends...surrounded in Nature, organic houses, cabins, dancing, guitars, sitting around the fire and eating the biggest birthday cake I have ever seen. We woke up Sunday morning and made our way to the second story octagon dance space...filled with windows and perfect breezes...we celebrated/danced our life. It felt like a dream. 

I have often longed for community and a family. This year when I entered my friend's place in the felt like home, family...a community...finally.

So many of us artists are alone. We paint alone.Write alone. Sometimes a self-imposed isolation.Creating without distraction. Connecting on a real level...a deeper realization of my personal love/need for a community. This family that I have so longed for...surrounded me. I had created it. Truly the best Mother's Day weekend Ever. 

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