Friday, May 22, 2009

Upcoming June Show. Worlds between Words.

Someone comes along...
and changes your life...
in ways bigger than you can understand.
They change the way you see the world.
They make you better 
They make you grow

So connected you wake each other up...across an ocean

They make you want things you never knew you wanted
They show you parts of yourself...that had been sleeping
they make you feel more alive

and for that sweetness....that beauty...
that now fills my art studio with art created in love...
the same intimacy I first felt...surrounds me
light filled

Worlds between words.

'Worlds between Words' opens at the end of June at my Gallery in Austin. It features several international artists and a painting collaboration between me and a lovely parisian Artist. Look for the write up next month in the Austin Chronicle and Austin Statesman.

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Erin Jo Chung said...

i have questioned whether anyone else in this world had experienced the same thing as i. felt the same way. been so deeply connected and inspired by another soul. been so changed. now i know im not alone. it isn't a dream. it does happen. has happened. even across oceans. distance is nothing. and im not crazy for feeling the way i do.

you were able to put into beautiful words something that can hardly be defined by words at all.