Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art OverLoad full Bloom

I'll be traveling over the next month shooting a few of my buildings/lobbies that I've done in the past 6 months. Over the next week I'll be driving...and I mean Driving... all over Texas for 5 of my latest properties. In a few weeks I'll be flying to Nevada and Colorado shooting  5 as well. The designer I work with is flying me out west. We both need to really update our websites and portfolios. It's like have hundreds of children that you've never seen...installed. I can't wait. There's nothing like an art-filled Texas-size roadtrip, M

  Above: Two 5ftx5ft huge lobbies pieces for Denver. Not a great photo, but two of my favorites. 

Below: My first of 4 Dallas lobbies completed early last year
  I'd like to say thank you to my amazing design firm that I work with. They give me a Very broad palette to work with and full freedom to create. Each series/collection they ask me to push the envelope a little more. Thank you for such creative freedom

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